Reducing MRI Wait Times for our Nation’s Heroes

Reducing MRI Wait Times for Our Nation’s Heroes

Mobile MRI Imaging Services Solution for VHA Medical Centers

At 15 VHA Medical Centers, veterans are waiting more than 60 days for MRI scans. Delaying needed advanced imaging can then delay diagnosis and treatment.

In the private sector, average wait times are 1 – 3 days.i

MRI Waiting Times for Veterans

In speaking with staff at local VA Medical Centers
as well as VA leadership:

The states with greater than 60 day wait times for MRI are:


Alliance HealthCare Radiology’s Objectives

  • Immediately reduce the backlog of needed MRI scans.
  • Provide services at or near VHA Medical Centers, to protect continuity of care, convenience and access for veterans.
  • Assure that veterans are provided access to high-quality, patient-centered services.

Alliance HealthCare Radiology’s Solution

Veteran-focused MRI mobile imaging

Provide additional MRI imaging on-site, collaborating with and integrated into the VHA Medical Centers’ providers, systems and processes.

  • Provide mobile MRI service to CBOCs as well as Medical Centers on a ‘Veteran Only’ route
  • MRI scans will be performed by Alliance Radiology staff. Additional services can be provided such as scheduling patients and making reminder calls.
  • Study is read by VA Radiologist and immediately available in the VHA electronic medical record and/or PACs

How this would work for our veterans

For an annual cost of $5 million, an estimated 15,000 veterans a year could be helped through this program.

Approximate cost per veteran would be $335 if fully implemented across three sites with current 60+ day wait times.

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    • Review this handout with your Congressman or Senator,
    • Ask Alliance Radiology any questions, and
    • Partner together in sending a Letter of Inquiry to the Secretary of the VA.
    Mobile MRIs for Service Members

    MRI scans are a powerful advanced diagnostic tool:

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) helps a doctor diagnose a disease or injury, and it can monitor how well a patient is doing with a treatment.

    MRI uses a safe magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the body without the use of radiation.

    More about our Services

    Our RAD360™ program was established to improve financial and operational results during healthcare reform, changing reimbursement models and evolving marketplace dynamics. Our dedicated team of technical, operational, market and industry experts maximize the success of your imaging program by focusing on a broad continuum of areas:

    Scheduling and prior authorizations

    Scheduling and Prior Authorizations

    Our dedicated customer care team can serve as an extension of your office – creating seamless, customer-focused scheduling and prior authorizations. These services can improve your overall customer service levels, improve your financial results, and enhance the patient experience.

    Operational management

    Operational Management

    Our operational management services include regular client business reviews that help us align our goals and refine our plan to meet your goals. Business reviews help guide operational management activities, strategic planning, and ongoing market assessments.



    To maximize the profitability of your radiology business, we can partner with you on performing billing operations, saving you time and expense within the billing process.

    Patient care, satisfaction and service quality

    Patient Care, Satisfaction and Service Quality

    Our focus on patient care and clinical quality sets us apart. We regularly exceed clinician expectations and give exceptional care to each patient, every day. Through our regular customer surveys and ongoing process improvements, we deliver the highest quality care and medical images possible – safely, consistently and efficiently.

    Regulatory compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    Alliance Radiology meets or exceeds all applicable federal, state, and industry standards, including The Joint Commission Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation, CMS Value-Based Purchasing, American College of Radiology Accreditation, and Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems.

    Reimbursement and payer contracting

    Reimbursement and Payer Contracting

    As part of our comprehensive services, we can perform a payer and reimbursement assessment, and help pinpoint growth opportunities in your payer contracts.

    Physician sales, marketing and competitor intelligence

    Physician Sales, Marketing, and Competitor Intelligence

    Partner with Alliance Radiology to grow your patient volume, improve referring physician loyalty, and increase imaging revenue. We offer a range of market support including creating and executing a customized plan with market analytics, brand marketing, and in-market services.



    Our experienced professionals work with outside credentialing bodies to promote balance between operational efficiency, quality, and safety practices. Our staffing and operational support includes technologists who are registered by nationally recognized accrediting organizations.

    Alliance Radiology is focused on helping you build and maintain a high-quality, sustainable, profitable, and competitive radiology service line.

    Learn more about how RAD360 can optimize your radiology services.

    iThe Advisory Board Company. 2015 Imaging Consumer Preferences Survey. 2015 Outpatient Imaging Access Survey Benchmarking Report. Imaging Performance Partnership interviews and analysis, page 7.