Learn Why This Director of Operations Considers Alliance Healthcare Services ‘The Best Thing That Has Happened’ in His Career

Andre Kellogg, Sr. joined the team at Alliance Healthcare Services as a Director of Operations (DO), and considers the experience “the best thing that has happened to me professionally.” We asked Andre to discuss his experience with Alliance, giving others a glimpse into what it is like to work for the organization.

The Great Team

Andre admitted that he was enticed to join Alliance Healthcare Services after meeting the team during an interview. According to him, “Their professionalism and candor was a huge draw for me to join the organization.”

After starting in his role as a Director of Operations, Andre continued to be impressed by the other staff members, calling them one of the things he enjoys most about working for Alliance.

Rewarding Work

Andre also appreciates how rewarding the experience has been to him personally. He said that working with the customers and patients is one of the things he loves most, but he also appreciates being able to groom a team for leadership opportunities.

He considers Alliance Healthcare Services an “employer of choice” partially because the growth opportunities within the organization are so plentiful.

Unique Experiences

When asked to recall a particularly amazing project he has had the opportunity to work on, Andre discussed his involvement with a 4DX project for patient satisfaction.

He said, “We were able to improve from 95 to 97 percent. This means that the patients see that we have focus on improved satisfaction measure to enhance their experience for imaging needs.”

Andre also appreciates how the members of his Alliance Healthcare Services team are willing to go above and beyond, even during difficult times. According to Andre, team members have excellent resolve when it comes to providing services “in the face of challenges.”

He provided an example, saying, “When Hurricane Irma hit the Florida market, the teams worked hand in hand to pull units out of the affected area. Once the storm was over, the teams worked with customers to reinstate service.”

The efforts of the Alliance team members ensured patients had access to critical care as quickly as possible, a significant accomplishment after such a severe storm.

Are You Ready to Be Part of the Alliance Healthcare Team?

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