How One Alliance Healthcare Employee Went From a Patient Coordinator to Center Manager in Just 5 Years

Christopher Cobo dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to becoming a Certified MRI Technologist and was hired by Alliance Healthcare in 2012 as a Patient Coordinator, allowing him to gain valuable on-the-job MRI experience. Today, Christopher is a Center Manager. Here’s his story.

Where It All Began

Christopher began his career with Alliance as a Patient Coordinator in 2012.

According to Christopher, he took the position to gain more experience and within a year, received a promotion to an MRI Technologist position. After that, he continued to build his skills while working in his new job.

Becoming the Center Manager

In late 2015, Christopher was again rewarded for his efforts, taking on the position of Center Manager at the Los Alamitos Imaging Center.

He said, “I have continued to expand my career in ways I would have never imagined if it wasn’t for the opportunities at Alliance. Since my time as Center Manager, I have been able to bring on three more Centers into my Management Portfolio, and I could not be more honored to have the confidence in our company to continue to expand my growth as a manager, and at that same time grow our business within the Rad360 Portfolio.”

What He Loves About Working at Alliance Healthcare Services

When asked what he loves about working for Alliance, Christopher said, “I love the people that I get to work with every day. Alliance has such great talent across all of our departments, and I have been able to learn so much from each and every person. It has allowed me to grow, and use what I learn to help others in their growth.”

Christopher also enjoys his position, including “the challenge of working with other organizations” and “being a part of the Alliance team when working with other hospital systems, because it truly shows other organizations that we are the best at what we do.”

He continued, “Our field level teams do an extraordinary job with patient care, and as a manager, I get to support those positive efforts to best align our services within our partnering systems.”

Work That Matters

Christopher shared one of his most notable work stories with us, detailing how he was able to help a patient through a challenging experience:

“A few years ago, I had a patient that was under my care for an MRI of her head. She was extremely scared to get scanned, and she was immediately telling me that she was claustrophobic the moment I introduced myself.

“I took my time to ease her nervousness as best I could and put forth a lot of effort and patience to get her to a mental state in which she would give it a try. I asked another technologist to scan her, while I stayed in the room talking to her and making sure she was going to be ok.

“This patient got through the scan, and I felt like I had hit a home run. She gave me a big hug and said I would be in her prayers that night. I felt really good about my efforts.

“Two days later she came back to our facility asking for me, and she left me a very touching letter. I was extremely happy I was able to help her through such a difficult time.

“We don’t know why patients get so scared, but we should never judge them because something could have happened in their past that makes them scared. Ever since that day, she has come to our center for all of her follow-ups and leaves with a big smile on her face. It’s easy to see why this was my favorite story.”

Alliance Healthcare is an Employer of Choice

According to Christopher, “Alliance is an ‘employer of choice’ because they hold high standards for their staff which ensures that their patients receive the highest quality service. In turn, Alliance provides limitless growth opportunities and appreciation for their staff.”

If you are interested in joining the Alliance Healthcare team, our knowledgeable staff can help you connect with excellent opportunities in the area. Contact us today to experience the Alliance difference yourself.