Tips Sheet – What Makes an Imaging Joint Venture Successful

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5 Required Elements for a
Successful Outpatient Imaging Joint Venture


Many smaller imaging centers and chains are finding it more and more difficult to compete in today’s imaging marketplace. To remain competitive, an outpatient imaging joint venture might be a good option for some imaging organizations.

Tip Sheet Overview

Our free, downloadable tip sheet highlights key points about what goes into a successful outpatient imaging joint venture.

  • Current challenges to outpatient imaging
  • What kind of partnership is best for your organization?
  • What is necessary in order to have a good fit between partners in an imaging joint venture?

Many factors go into a successful outpatient imaging joint venture.

Find out what it takes to be successful.

Tip Sheet - Outpatient Imaging Joint Venture Strategy

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Five Required Elements for an Outpatient Imaging Joint Venture


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An Outpatient Imaging Joint Venture with Alliance Radiology

The right imaging partner can provide you access to operational resources and capital to meet patient, customer and industry demands. With Alliance Radiology, you can focus on what’s most important to you: quality patient care and service line growth .

Learn more about Alliance Radiology’s Imaging Joint Venture options.

About Alliance HealthCare Radiology

For over thirty years, Alliance Radiology has worked with hospitals and healthcare providers to deliver a positive patient experience, drive operational excellence and create competitive differentiation for its customers. We are the national leader in mobile and interim radiology solutions, operating more than 500 diagnostic imaging systems in 46 states.

Alliance Radiology offers:

  • Medical imaging services, including hospital-based and outpatient
  • Staffing, scheduling, marketing and physician sales services
  • Operational excellence and a positive patient experience

Leverage our expertise and financial strength.

Explore the benefits of an Outpatient Imaging Joint Venture with Alliance Radiology.