Tips for Advancing Your Sales Career

As a sales professional, you likely spend at least a bit of time thinking about how to advance your career. In some cases, the path to better opportunities is easy to see, but that isn’t always the case in sales. To help you take the next step, here are some tips that can give you the tools to move forward.

Find a Mentor

Sometimes, the simplest way to learn how to advance your career is to seek out guidance from someone working in your target position. Finding a mentor can provide you access to a wealth of information based on their experience.

If you’re interested in being mentored, you can either approach someone in your current workplace who may be suitable, or use your professional network. In some cases, your employer may have a mentorship program that can help you connect with a person in your organization. If not, see if you can identify a co-worker or member of your network who can teach you based on their experience in the field.

In either case, approach the person as a professional and express your interest in forming a mentor-mentee relationship. Most people will be flattered by the request, so why not reach out and see what they have to say?

Obtain Certifications

Another way to help you stand out while you try to advance your career is through professional certifications. These assert that you have knowledge in specific areas or completed a focused training course.

Some of the more popular options for sales professionals include the Certified Professionals Sales Person (CPSP) and Certified Sales Executive (CSE) credentials. While professional certification won’t guarantee you a promotion, it does show your commitment to your profession and can help elevate your resume during your next job search.

Advance Your Skills

Education and formal training can be excellent methods for improving your skill set and clearly demonstrating your strong knowledge base. Degrees in finance, marketing and business can be beneficial and are generally widely accessible. In some cases, you’ll be able to find programs that concentrate specifically on sales, making them an ideal choice if you find a suitable school nearby or online.

Often, completing a bachelor’s degree is sufficient to help you move your career forward; however, if you are hoping to reach leadership or executive level, a master’s degree may be preferred. Luckily, you don’t have to complete all your education immediately, so you can start with an undergraduate degree and take the next step if it makes sense down the road.

If you prefer not to complete an entire degree program, you can also enroll in specific courses that could benefit your career. While these might not carry the same amount of clout on paper, they can help you develop skills that you don’t currently possess, and that can be an excellent addition to your resume.

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