Solutions for Today’s Increasingly Site Neutral Reimbursement Environment

What’s your Outpatient Imaging Strategy?

Is your hospital ready for site-neutral reimbursements for MRI and CT imaging?

Alliance Radiology is here to help.

The healthcare media has covered well the latest in payer actions related to site-neutral payments for outpatient MRI and CT imaging – including UnitedHealthcare’s and Anthem’s announcement that it will no longer pay for most outpatient MRIs and CTs done in hospital settings.

In a marketplace where outpatient imaging pricing is comparable, quality measures are transparent and access is increasingly critical,

The larger question is:

Has your hospital deployed an effective strategy?

Our team at Alliance Radiology has created four specific solutions for our hospital partners. Please complete the Contact Form to have one of our market development experts get in touch with your team to present and discuss these solutions.

Learn Four Outpatient Imaging Solutions for your Hospital or Health System

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About Our Services

Alliance HealthCare Radiology partners closely with more than 1,100 hospitals, and our 30 years of diagnostic imaging experience means we are adept at capitalizing on opportunity due to the always flexing outpatient imaging landscape. We are committed to assisting our partners in protecting MRI and CT services that are essential to their communities.

Alliance Radiology remains focused on helping you build a high-quality, sustainable, profitable, and competitive radiology service line. Our RAD360™ program was established to improve financial and operational results during healthcare reform, changing reimbursement models and evolving marketplace dynamics. Our dedicated team of technical, operational, market and industry experts maximize the success of your imaging program by focusing on a broad continuum of areas:

  • Scheduling and prior authorizations
  • Operational management
  • Billing
  • Patient care, satisfaction and service quality
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reimbursement and payer contracting
  • Physician sales, marketing and competitor intelligence
  • Credentialing

Please contact us directly if you have questions on
how this change might affect your radiology business line.