Clinical Quality

Raising the Performance Floor on Safety and Quality

At Alliance Healthcare Radiology, we’ve always rated high in safety and quality yet still believe in continuous improvement. Our dedicated quality team uses regular customer and patient surveys to seek opportunities to improve consistency across facilities, service lines and providers. This allows for an evidence and consensus based approach that will evolve with the needs of our customers, patients and referring providers.

Our clinical quality group is comprised of experienced clinicians and professionals who work with outside credentialing bodies to promote safety and operational efficiency. We bring system-level standardization in quality protocols to each of our nationwide customers.


Alliance Radiology was the first diagnostic imaging service provider to be accredited by The Joint Commission. This evaluation examines how each clinical site compares to nationally recognized standards, making it the highest designation of quality.

Distinguished Clinical Quality

Alliance Radiology exceeds clinician expectations and gives exceptional care to each patient, every day. We deliver the highest quality care and medical images possible – safely, consistently and efficiently.

We meet or exceed all applicable federal, state and industry standards, including:

  • The Joint Commission Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation
  • Member of Joint Commission Advisory Board for Diagnostic Imaging Standards for Members
  • Recognition as having Best Practice programs in many patient safety areas including: MRI Safety, Falls Prevention and General Patient Safety
  • American College of Radiology Accreditation

Patient Safety Protocols

Patient safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We have operations in place to safeguard patient safety, and have compassionate and diligent teams in place to ensure patient comfort.

  • Culture of safety, including CQI/QA, ROILS, CAPA initiatives and ongoing patient safety and quality procedures
  • Comprehensive COVID-19 prescreening, screening and patient prep guidance and support available through Scheduling and Prior Authorization services
  • Strict standards of clinical competency and quality measures in line with numerous accreditations, listed above
  • Enhanced infection control and prevention, adhering to recommendations of the CDC, WHO, DH, U.S. State Department and other governing bodies
  • Robust sanitation and disinfection processes anchored in CDC and EPA guidelines

Drawing from Standard Principles with a Customizable Approach

At Alliance Radiology we believe that our healthcare partners should be supported in customizing care for individual patient needs and innovating in ways that ultimately raises the total standard of care. That’s why we evaluate the unique needs of each customer in advance of any service provided. Once service has commenced, you can expect both quarterly business reviews and a quality scorecard to monitor the metrics that guide continuous improvement.

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