Certified Clinical Staffing

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Clinical Staffing

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ualified and Competent Staffing

When you partner with Alliance HealthCare Services, you can be certain that the team members we hire to interface with your patients are fully trained on the latest governing body guidelines, qualified and competent medical professionals. All members of our medical staff are fully vetted via drug screenings, background screenings, health screenings and more. We conduct careful due diligence, while optimizing the process to be as effective as possible. As the largest employer of PET/CT technologists in the nation, we have to be efficient.

The healthcare services industry is highly regulated. As a nationwide provider of diagnostic imaging, oncology services and interventional pain management, we have an obligation to ensure our team members are in compliance with federal and state departments such as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Department of Health. Alliance collects and confirms all required credentials for each team member and keeps all files current and ready for review at any time.

Patient-facing clinical roles are important and serious. At Alliance, we find trustworthy medical service professionals who fit within the values of your organization. Our certified clinical staffing team is a key way we bring value to our customers and comfort to our patients.

Infection Control

Infection Control

The candidates we hire are required to follow safety and infection-control guidelines, such as those for human coronaviruses (including COVID-19), tuberculosis, hepatitis B, influenza, as well as the Tdap and MRR/Varicella (vaccination records).

Regulatory Agency Requirements and Standards

Alliance adheres to all Federal, State and Joint Commission requirements. We are known for successfully navigating the many different accrediting bodies. You can feel secure working with Alliance, knowing that safety and compliance is a top priority. We report our area compliance measurements to the local field team on a semi-monthly basis.

Alliance stays current with the rapid changes to requirements such as state licensure and Joint Commission standards. We evolve with the regulatory requirements to ensure we are always in compliance.

Every Alliance team member is required to complete a pre-employment credentialing review and maintain credentialing compliance as a condition of employment. We provide our customers with the credentialing information required for our patient-facing employees working at their facilities.

The Joint Commission

Alliance has the resources to ensure we attract the right talent, wherever the location. We perform the marketing activities required to draw top talent, such as advertising, recruitment events, social media and presence on staffing websites.

We Credential to Meet…

Federal Regulations

State Laws

Hospital Contract Requirements

Background Checks

Health Screen and Vaccinations

Professional Certifications and Clinical Licenses

CPR Training

Internal Training and Orientation Requirements

Our Recruitment Team – Your Partner

Partner with the Alliance team, who will work to understand your customer requirements and ensure all of your credentialing requirements are met. We build relationships with your in-house human resources department and radiology leaders to help support your compliance processes.

Each area of the US has an assigned Alliance staffing specialist who is trained in all required regulations and intake procedures. We communicate with you regularly on progress to keep your medical services on schedule.

Our recruiting team is highly specialized to find regionally located clinical staff. They have relationships with the national and local groups that can help attract top talent.

Customized Staffing Solutions

We work with you on customized solutions, based on the regulations that apply specifically to your organization. Alliance HealthCare Services is geographically dispersed all across the United States in 47 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. We understand how to work within your local state requirements.

Alliance hires a range of clinical roles to meet customer medical service needs for IDNs, large academic hospitals, health systems and physician groups. Our qualified staff includes:

  • MRI Technologists and Trainees
  • Lead MRI Technologists
  • Lead PET/CT Technologists
  • Dual Certified Technologists
  • CT Technologists
  • Mammography Technologists
  • Ultrasound Technologists
  • Clinical Staff Specialists (EMT, RN, Paramedic)
  • Supervisors of Radiology
  • Nurse Navigators
  • Medical Assistants
  • Patient Coordinators and Front Office Assistants

“Alliance staff communication is great. Their marketing team has been very helpful with working together to promote the PET scans to our local community. We are very happy with Alliance.”

Radiology Manager/Director
Medical Center in the Mid-West