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Simplify the introduction and growth of your PET/CT program by partnering with us, the nation’s PET/CT leader

Largest Employer of PET/CT Technologists in the Nation

As part of a national network, our highly qualified technologists are credentialed, trained and experienced in nuclear medicine. They also excel at compassionate, knowledgeable, and courteous caregiving. No one employs more PET/CT techs than Alliance – and they are a critical part of our overall care team.

  • Complete PET/CT

    Complete PET/CT Radiopharmaceutical Development, Implementation and Performance Program

    From sourcing to tracking to end-to-end support, Alliance Radiology is at the forefront of advancing the introduction of new radiopharmaceuticals.

  • Sophisticated Logistics Coordinating

    Sophisticated Logistics Coordinating

    We operate the country’s largest mobile imaging fleet, and are the largest customer of more than one national FDG supplier. This gives us purchasing and supply chain power that is unmatched in our industry, and earlier access to developing technologies to support critical oncology, neurology and cardiology applications.

  • Concierge Licensing Services

    Concierge Licensing Services

    We handle all the required insurances, RAM licensure, as well as national, state, and local accreditations.

Alliance Healthcare Services

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Advancing PET/CT Clinical Excellence: End-to-End Care & Service, Including Advanced & Emerging Radiopharmaceuticals

For hospitals, PET/CT, though complex, can be an area of significant growth and development now and in the future. In addition to well-established uses, emerging and advanced development of new applications of PET/CT in oncology, neurology and cardiology show promise for even better and earlier detection of disease and more precise treatment algorithms.

To provide outstanding patient care and clinically distinguish your diagnostic imaging services, Alliance remains committed to facilitating the advancement of diagnostic imaging through our comprehensive operational and clinical support of PET/CT services. This includes managing, on behalf of our customers, the introduction, integration, and supply chain of all radiopharmaceuticals, freeing your time and capacity.

Our end-to-end delivery model can help your PET/CT program:

  • Communicate market availability of emerging radiopharmaceuticals
  • Manage implementation and delivery to your site
  • Minimize lost doses and track activity by providing reporting of performance
  • Understand and navigate insurance authorization and reimbursements
  • Provide clinical training and education to patients and referrers when physician sales and marketing is included in your service agreement
  • Elevate care and grow market share

Alliance Radiology employs sophisticated logistics systems and the premier delivery experts as the nation’s top provider of PET/CT to support the management of advanced radiopharmaceuticals through our robust national platform.

Connect with us today to learn about advanced radiopharmaceuticals available in your market and SPEAK WITH AN EXPERT.

Accessible and Cost-Effective Cardiac PET Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

As the largest provider of PET/CT services in the United States, Alliance Radiology is proud to offer a more accessible, cost-effective solution to delivering Cardiac PET Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI) Services. Traditional delivery models of this valuable cardiovascular service challenge many hospitals, health systems, and physician groups, despite Cardiac PET being considered by the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology and Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging as a first-line preferred test for specific patients.

A partnership with Alliance will open new care possibilities, treatment efficiencies and revenue stream opportunities for a comprehensive and flexible program without significant capital expense. We deliver the highest standard of care to our partners, as well as to the patients they serve, and our mobile unit options can right-size alongside a cardiovascular program, based on volume and need.

Cardiac PET services

There are many reasons to consider adding Cardiac PET services

Cardiac PET MPI can be used in place of a SPECT MPI, or in addition to an inconclusive or suspected false positive SPECT MPI. With a higher sensitivity and specificity than other imaging techniques, Cardiac PET results in fewer false positives and superior diagnostic accuracy.

Compared with SPECT MPI, Cardiac PET MPI:

  • Delivers more accurate results at true peak stress
  • Produces artifact-free scans more frequently
  • Delivers less radiation than SPECT MPI
  • Uniquely shows quantification of myocardial blood flow in ml/min/gram, improves accuracy, risk stratification, and patient selection for interventions
  • Produces less soft tissue attenuation for patients with body characteristics that can affect image quality
  • Has a much shorter exam at 30-45 minutes, versus 3-4 hours or more with SPECT MP

From project assessment to implementation, we will bring Rubidium-82 Cardiac PET/CT Perfusion Imaging services directly to your patients, delivered in a state-of-the-art mobile imaging unit. These services are offered on a per day basis. Alliance handles all the logistics and operational support.

Consider adding new value for your patients, referring providers, and cardiovascular service line. We can help make it possible.

Alliance Healthcare Services

Imaging Equipment Delivered to Your Door, Backed by Unmatched Support

With Alliance Radiology, you will have a partner that is the #1 national provider of PET/CT imaging services in the nation; we are second-to-none.

Our PET/CT fleet includes all the major equipment manufacturers. Access our current fleet, or leverage our significant manufacturers’ purchasing discount to drive down your short and long-term overhead.

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