Imaging Joint Venture

Explore an Imaging Joint Venture

Explore an
Imaging Joint Venture

Marketing Outpatient Imaging White Paper

Imaging Centers Must Adapt to Survive and Grow

Providers, imaging center owners and hospitals often times seek an imaging joint venture partner for a number of reasons. An increasingly competitive marketplace, rising healthcare demands, market pressures, healthcare reform, changing reimbursement models, compliance requirements and evolving marketplace dynamics are constant roadblocks to building a successful radiology business.

Advantages of an Imaging Joint Venture

More efficient operations

More efficient operations paired with a better patient experience

Meet compliance requirements

Achievement of compliance requirements without restrictive capital outlays

More profitable

More profitabality with reduced stress

Focus on being a radiologist

More focus on being a radiologist and less on day-to-day management

The right partner

The right imaging partner can provide you access to operational resources and capital to meet patient, customer and industry demands. With Alliance Radiology, you can focus on what’s most important to you: quality patient care and program growth.

Enhance the Profitability of Your Radiology Center

The interactions with your customers and patients require accurate and efficient operations so that you can continue to focus on providing exceptional community care. We offer a broad continuum of Operations Management services to optimize your radiology business and cut costs, including physician sales and marketing, patient scheduling and pre-authorizations, and much more.


Growing market share takes time and money. We understand the opportunities—and pitfalls—associated with a successful imaging joint venture. Our process maps your path to success:


With our extensive assessment of your radiology business, we identify and diagnose deficiencies that prevent your business from realizing its full potential. We also assess and benchmark your clinical and business operations, market strengths and challenges.


Utilizing the results from the assessment, our dedicated team of business, technical, operational, market and industry experts works with you to create an improvement plan.


Our team tailors a contract agreement for your business, that is beneficial for both organizations and will be founded in our values to provide positive financial results and high quality patient care.

5 Required Elements for a
Successful Outpatient Imaging Joint Venture

With over 35 years of experience to draw from, our tip sheet highlights key points about what goes into a successful outpatient imaging joint venture. The right imaging partner can provide you access to operational resources and capital to meet patient, customer and industry demands.

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A successful partnership can help you stand apart from competitors and demonstrate exceptional performance and growth.

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