Fixed-site Medical Imaging Partnerships

Improve your financial and operational results

Having a clear plan for your radiology service line is critical to operating a profitable radiology business. Healthcare reform, changing reimbursement models, operational effiiciency issues and evolving marketplace dynamics pose constant challenges.

Flexbile and customized solutions to meet your goals

With over 30 years of industry expertise, Alliance Radiology has established best practices in radiology services delivery and management. We deliver these best practices through our Alliance RAD360™ program. Alliance RAD360 provides a dedicated team of technical, operational, marketing and radiology experts to work closely with your radiology services leadership to drive results.

Enhance the competitive position of our radiology services

Alliance RAD360 provides financial strength, technology expertise and quality/compliance excellence. We help optimize your radiology business with services and operational solutions to ensure the accurate and efficient operation of your radiology service line. Our dedicated team of technical, operational, market and industry experts maximize the success and profitability of your radiology business by focusing on a broad continuum of operational areas: clinical staffing, physician sales and marketing, reimbursement contracting, scheduling and prior authorizations, patient satisfaction and service quality, and much more.

Alliance Radiology is the strategic partner you can count on to build long-term value for your hospital through a joint-venture, management services agreement or other type of arrangement.