Policies and Procedures

Dear Provider:

As a Joint Commission (“TJC”) accredited healthcare organization, Alliance Healthcare Services, Inc. is required by the TJC standards HR.02.01.03, EP19 and HR.02.02.01 to provide access and orientation on specific policies and procedures related to safety, treatment, infection prevention and control, sensitivity to cultural diversity.

In an effort to provide you with continuous updated access to Alliance’s Radiology and Oncology Policies and Procedures all the necessary documents have been stored for you in a secured online portal accessible using your email address.

Should you have questions about accessing the website please the Physician Credentialing Department at phys.credentialing@alliancehealthcareservices-us.com. If you have any questions regarding policy contents should be directed to the Alliance Radiology Quality Team at qteam@allianceradiology-us.com

Attestation of Receipt of Alliance’s Radiology & Oncology Policies and Procedures

By submitting this form, I hereby attest to having received access to the Alliance Radiology & Oncology Policies and Procedure documents as required to comply with The Joint Commission standard on Provider Orientation. I will review all the necessary policies and procedures as it pertains to my specialty and reach out to the Alliance Quality Team should I have questions regarding policy content. I understand this policy review will be required annually.

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