Physicians at Rush Radiosurgery Build Research Study On Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Tumors

“By drafting clinical studies based on this experience, we’ll be able to contribute to the growing body of research that has made stereotactic radiosurgery more accessible to patients and improved treatment outcomes overall.”

Dr. Aidnag Diaz, medical director of Rush Radiosurgery, has seen a consistent increase in brain tumor treatment in the last year at his facility. His expertise and experience has not only led to advancements in the accessibility of this treatment, he has also been able to use his data to streamline the care that patients receive. The TrueBeam STx® is an exciting and high tech, nonsurgical option for treatment.

To learn more about stereotactic radiosurgery and TrueBeam STx® in depth you can read the full article here or view a pdf.