One Thousand Patients Treated at CyberKnife Center of Chicago

“Reaching this milestone in patient care is a celebration of not only the impact we’ve been able to make on the cancer community, but also the growth in stereotactic radiosurgery expertise our physician staff has earned,” said Dr. Andy Su, CyberKnife Center of Chicago medical director.

In the health industry every single forward step counts, and every person saved is a huge and happy victory. It makes the milestones that much bigger knowing how life changing each step along the way was for one person’s life. Which is why we are so happy to announce that CyberKnife Center of Chicago, in its fourth year of operations, is celebrating having treated 1,000 patients with CyberKnife technology.

CyberKnife is an exciting technology that treats malignant and benign tumors with no incisions or overnight stays in the hospital.

To learn more about the CyberKnife Center of Chicago’s milestone, and CyberKnife in depth you can read the full article here or view a pdf.