Quality Care

Setting the Bar for Quality Nationwide

Providing quality oncology patient care

When it comes to clinical quality, Alliance Oncology leads the way—ensuring the best standards of care and clinical outcomes for our patients. Our team of expert physicians, physicist and clinical staff go above and beyond industry standards in quality assurance, benchmarking, clinical protocols and research. And our partner sites maintain strict standards of clinical competency and quality measures through participation and accreditation in the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the Commission on Cancer (CoC).

"Clinical quality is a driving force, and Alliance understands and supports that. They are equally focused on delivering exceptional patient care."

Dr. Shaio Woo
Medical Director
Louisville CyberKnife,
James Graham Brown Cancer Center at University of
Louisville Medical Center
  • Network of Collaboration

    Our shared network of facilities enables physicians to connect with leaders in the radiation oncology field.

  • Ongoing Training

    Ongoing training ensures we lead the industry in the adoption of advanced technologies, clinical protocols, and innovative management processes.

  • Continuous Investment

    Our track record of continuous investment keeps us ahead of the curve in terms of clinical quality, technology, protocol and process advancements.

  • Team Development

    We continuously develop existing team members through a mix of education, planning, collaboration, and work placements—enabling safe and effective adoption of advanced technology and best practice clinical protocols/processes.

  • Outreach & Education

    We tune our outreach to one-on-one referring physician education and marketing—to build physician expertise and relationships.

  • Benchmarking

    The ability to track, measure and analyze various aspects of your services and service line are crucial to identifying and refining processes that have the potential to dramatically improve patient care, operational efficiencies and service line profitability. But, to do this you’ll need a robust benchmarking engine. One of the largest databases of radiation oncology benchmarks currently available is the Alliance Oncology Data System. With approximately 30 million data points tracking the clinical, financial, marketing, and business aspects of radiation oncology cases across the nation, virtually every piece of information about the radiation treatment process is at your fingertips. SMART’s robust benchmarking capabilities and business-intelligent reporting features allow you to easily identify anomalies, trends and insights within your business and market that might not be so readily apparent—enabling you to more effectively compete in.

The results of our relentless drive for quality are superior patient experiences, clinical outcomes, and customer service—positioning your facility as the provider-of-choice.