Interim Radiation Therapy

The First-Of-Its-Kind Interim Cancer Treatment Solution

The First-Of-Its-Kind Interim Cancer Treatment Solution

A Custom-Built Interim Radiation Therapy Environment

With an interim radiation therapy service solution, hospitals can now maintain high-quality care, referrals, and revenue while fixed equipment is temporarily unavailable. As the premier cancer care solution provider, Alliance Oncology’s interim solution comes equipped with state-of-the-art Varian Halcyon™ technology and is backed by our years of expertise and experience in radiation therapy.

The Technology, the Benefits, the Support

Alliance Oncology uses the Halcyon system, Varian’s newest cancer treatment modality, in its interim solution. Providing accelerated treatment times, a six-point safety system, ergonomic operator controls, and many patient-friendly features — the technology can do nearly everything a traditional LINAC can.


The oncology pad and weight requirements are different from other kinds of mobile medical coaches. Our cross-functional team of experts is standing by to support your questions.

Receive our free site planning guide after an initial consultation on delivering an interim radiation oncology coach to your market.


The Halcyon system and custom-built coach accommodate:

Patient Comfort

  • Accelerated treatment times
  • Soft, ambient lighting
  • Climate control
  • Comfortable seating
  • ADA compliant lift gate
  • Wide 100 cm bore; shallow 75 cm bore depth

High Volume Throughput

  • Streamlined process with a nine-step patient flow navigator
  • Ergonomic controls


  • Six-point safety system
  • Simplified user interface for confident treatment delivery
  • Enhanced patient connection

Alliance Oncology will provide site planning support and coordination for pads, including data and power setups. Our team will also conduct a comprehensive radiation safety evaluation to determine shielding requirements necessary for your specific location.


The True Cost of a Multi-Month Radiation Therapy Closure

Based on a center with average reimbursements, the loss of revenue to a single vault LINAC facility could be more than a million dollars during a multi-month shutdown for upgrades or new equipment installation. The truer cost of patient leakage, referring provider dissatisfaction, and staffing logistics is the larger challenge that Alliance Oncology is helping our partners solve.

Alliance Oncology is proud to expand the range of interim clinical services available to partners nationwide. Our team endeavored to create a first-of-its-kind radiation therapy environment, and we succeeded. By doing so, we can help more patients, achieve greater clinical innovation, and set our partners up for a sustainable cancer care future.

Douglas McCracken

President, Alliance HealthCare Oncology

Douglas McCracken

Distinguish Your Oncology Program with Partner Solutions

Alliance Oncology is a recognized leader in partnering directly with hospitals, health systems and physicians to develop fully integrated oncology programs, and can provide the accompanying staffing, scheduling, physician outreach and marketing that help drive your business. Our patented interim radiation therapy solution is just one more way we are innovating to help our partners deliver a positive patient experience, create operational excellence, and differentiate your services from those of your competitors.

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