Mobile PET/CT Case Study

Exceptional Growth in PET/CT Volumes

How an Imaging Center More Than Doubled its PET/CT Volumes.

Case Study Overview

Our free, downloadable case study gives an example of how one outpatient imaging center, partnering with Alliance Radiology, more than doubled its PET/CT scan volumes in a year.

The imaging center’s PET/CT volumes had remained flat year over year from 2014 – 2016. After partnering with Alliance Radiology in January 2017 and with the expertise of a dedicated Account Executive, a customized strategy was implemented resulting in a 57% increase in scan volumes in the inaugural year.

Learn the steps that were taken to grow this successful partnership:

  • Reviewed historical referral data.
  • Identified referring physicians to target.
  • Explored potential areas of growth.
  • Reviewed and refined key messaging.
  • Implemented numerous marketing tactics.

Learn how our Physician Sales and Marketing team can grow your Radiology service lines volume and revenue.

Successful Imaging Joint Venture PET/CT

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Learn How One Imaging Center Increased Scan Volumes by 57%
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An Imaging Joint Venture with Alliance Radiology

Leverage our expertise and financial strength.

The right imaging partner can provide you access to operational resources and capital to meet patient, customer and industry demands. With Alliance Radiology, you can focus on what’s most important to you: quality patient care and service line growth .

Alliance’s Optional Operational Resources Include:

  • Patient Scheduling
  • Clinical Staffing
  • Growth Strategy & Demand Generation
  • Medical Billing
  • Reimbursement Assistance

Learn more about Alliance Radiology’s Imaging Joint Venture options.

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