Interventional Procedures Focused on Integrating Pain Care into the Care Continuum

Managing and eliminating chronic pain For hospitals, health systems and providers looking to improve their financial and competitive positions, Alliance Interventional provides comprehensive solutions to help you:
  • Build an interventional healthcare foundation—whether it’s an interventional program, service line or practice
  • Manage all operational aspects for interventional services
  • Optimize current interventional programs by implementing best practices and industry-leading clinical/quality standards
  • Grow into a market leader
Alliance Interventional integrates interventional procedures focused on managing and eliminating chronic pain care, into the continuum of care. With the ability to assess the market need for interventional healthcare services and identify potential opportunities, we help hospitals and healthcare providers expand their continuum of care services through interventional radiology, pain management and therapeutic procedures that meet the needs of diverse healthcare populations. Contact Alliance Interventional to learn more about our results as well as our innovative interventional healthcare solutions designed for scalability, adaptability and success.