Our Difference

Chronic Pain Management Care Requires A Team Approach

To challenge the current state of pain patient diagnosis, treatment and care in the United States, a transformative, integrated healthcare delivery model needed to be developed, and thus Alliance Interventional was born.

As the industry shifts toward population health management, the demand for comprehensive outpatient pain care is expected to increase. An effective combination of pain management services is becoming increasingly important in each patient’s continuum of care—often including minimally invasive interventional procedures which result in less trauma and pain with faster recoveries and with less cost to both payers and patients.

Together, We Provide Solutions for Pain Management

Alliance Interventional owns and operates one ambulatory surgical center and eight outpatient pain management centers in Florida. We employ a number of physician pain specialists and frontline care team members. Our comprehensive, full-time pain management medical centers carefully diagnose the source of pain and recommend the quickest, most effective treatments, including minimally invasive interventional solutions when warranted. We are proud of our caring team, and years of excellence in serving the local communities of Florida.

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