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Joint Venture and
Acquisition Opportunities

Optimize Your Goals by Choosing the Right Partner

Pain management centers seek joint venture or acquisition partners to allow them to thrive within evolving market dynamics. Alliance Interventional can provide you with the successful partnership structure you need to stand apart from competitors and provide you access to capital and operational resources to help meet patient, customer, and industry demands.

Leverage our experience and access to operational efficiencies. With our resources and financial strength, you can feel confident in handing off operations, while still remaining a part of your organization.

Advantages of partnering with Alliance Interventional for your management services include:

More efficient operations

More Efficient Operations

Better Patient Experience

Better Patient Experience

Higher Profits

Higher Profits

More Focus on Being a Clinician

More Focus on Being a Clinician

Meet Evolving Compliance Requirements

Meet Evolving Compliance Requirements

Build a Winning Partnership with Alliance Interventional

For interventionalist physicians or groups, surgical centers or pain management centers looking to improve their financial and competitive positions, Alliance Interventional provides flexible partnership options. Through a joint venture or other partnership, we can help you:

Build an interventional healthcare program, service or practice.

Manage all operational aspects of interventional services or related business. Work together with our dedicated team of business, technical, operational, market and industry experts.

Optimize your interventional program through our national network of best practices and leading clinical standards.

Grow into a market leader.

A Proven Process

To grow market share or transition your practice takes expertise and resources. We understand the challenges and opportunities of joint venture and acquisition partnerships, and our process helps ensure optimal results.


Benchmark your clinical and business operations, market strengthens and challenges.


Work together with our dedicated team of clinical, business, technical, and operational market and industry experts.


A contract agreement tailored to your business, yet beneficial to both organizations.

Contact us to learn more about our results as well as our innovative interventional healthcare solutions designed for scalability, adaptability, and success.

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