Illinois CyberKnife Successfully Treats Brain Tumor Using Advanced Technology, Shares Patient Experience

“‘I had no pain during treatment. The staff members helped me get into a position where I would be most comfortable and communicated with me throughout treatment, so I would know what was happening throughout the entire session.”

Ethel Wentick’s patience and perseverance was wearing thin when she finally read about Illinois CyberKnife. After a year of being treated for a misdiagnosis, her doctors discovered she actually had a benign tumor. She lost fifty pounds to qualify for surgery only to be told she would need to lose 100 more. Fed up and tired of living with incessant facial pain, she began researching treatment options. Illinois CyberKnife had the answer she was looking for. Ethel underwent treatment, saying it was painless and that the Illinois CyberKnife team was more supportive during and after her surgery than she could have ever hoped.

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