Download 2021 Imaging Trends Infographic

Download 2021 Imaging Trends Infographic

What does 2021 have in store for the diagnostic imaging industry? To find out, view the colorful infographic built by our team of radiology experts.

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It Takes More than State-of-the-Art Equipment to Run a Successful Imaging Program

As the largest provider of diagnostic PET/CT imaging services in the nation, Alliance HealthCare Radiology has the formula to ensure our partners get the most out of their radiology service line. With proven tactics for success and 35 years of experience, our customized MRI, CT and PET/CT solutions go far beyond simply adding or expanding a modality. A true partner, we look for long-term opportunities to increase scan volumes and raise the total standard of care.

About Our Services

Alliance HealthCare Radiology partners closely with more than 1,100 hospitals, and our 35 years of diagnostic imaging experience means we are adept at capitalizing on opportunity due to the always flexing imaging landscape. We are committed to assisting our partners in protecting PET/CT, MRI and CT services that are essential to their communities. Alliance Radiology remains focused on helping you build a high-quality, sustainable, profitable, and competitive radiology service line. Our dedicated team of technical, operational, market and industry experts maximize the success of your imaging program by offering a continuum of Operations Management solutions.

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