Alliance HealthCare Services Information and Response to COVID-19

To our fellow healthcare professionals and partners

Our appreciation goes out to our fellow healthcare providers, public health officials, community leaders and the governments around the world that are on the front line and continuing to focus on response and recovery from the pandemic.

Here at Alliance, we are continuously adapting, implementing new measures and taking every precaution possible to ensure we are delivering patient care as safely and dependably as possible. By partnering together we have confidence that we can continue to take part in safeguarding a healthier community. This we commit to.

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve frequently been asked to share insights on our ongoing COVID-19 response and recovery efforts. We’re happy to share and help where we can, and have prepared a White Paper to offer actual tools and resources. To access, click here.

Now, let’s get to the information you’re looking for:

We are prepared and ready to help

As the situation with the pandemic continues to evolve, you can count on Alliance HealthCare Services to be ready, to stand by you, and to continue to support the services you’ve come to depend on.

We are committed to a whole-of-society approach, built around strict adherence to infection control policies and procedures, and around the safe and effective delivery of great patient care. Following the recommendations of the CDC and public health authorities in our communities, we continue to navigate effectively through COVID-19.

Ensuring the safety of our communities

There is no higher priority to us than the safety of our patients, partners and Team Members. We are closely monitoring updates and information from our medical directors, the CDC and public health authorities to help us continue to provide a safe working and patient care environment.

Here is what Alliance HealthCare Services is doing to protect the safety and health of our patients, Team Members, partners and communities.

Team Member support

Our pandemic response – including policies and procedures for our incredible Team Members – remain active even as our country begins to see significant progress against COVID-19.


Immediately upon the pandemic’s impact early in 2020, we implemented ehnanced sick time policies to ensure that our Team Members are supported if they or a family member experience COVID-19.


Each Alliance division – and every individual site of care – has a comprehensive infection control program and standard processes to mitigate the risk of transmission of infectious diseases, including COVID-19.


Alliance developed a COVID-19 Rapid Response Team, whereby Team Members can ask any question or report any potential exposure to COVID-19 and receive immediate attention.


Our executive leadership team continues to meet to discuss and communicate decisions related to the situation and our team’s evolving needs.


Our COVID-19 Task Force, comprised of a cross-section of our leadership and clinical teams, works across our radiology, oncology and interventional pain management divisions to support clinical quality and safety initiatives specifically related to COVID-19, and to be sure all teams taking care of patients have the latest information and resources on hand, where it matters most.

Patient screening

In coordination with infection control experts, the CDC, local departments of health and internal experts, we have implemented and continue to adjust patient screening processes specific to COVID-19.

Patients are screened by our team three times before their appointment with us:

  • During scheduling;
  • Upon confirming their appointment the day before;
  • When they arrive at our facility.

Sometimes, our patients are screened by our hospital partners before or after their time with us – and we find our patients are thankful that together, their healthcare providers are being cautious.

If a patient meets specific criteria which indicate a potential exposure to or infection with COVID-19, we provide them with clear next steps to protect their safety and health, as well as that of our Team Members and providers.

What we’re doing to keep Patients safe

From patient education and preparedness to support, we do what it takes to ensure patients feel comfortable and confident before, during, and after their visit. Learn the steps we’re taking to prepare our patients for safe Oncology, Radiology, and Interventional Pain Management care.

Resources to support our healthcare community

Rest assured, we are monitoring this developing situation closely, staying in regular contact with federal, state and local agencies, health organizations and other experts. Included below are a few resources to keep you informed and updated as this situation evolves.

CDC’s Full Set of Resources for COVID-19

CDC Information for Healthcare Professionals

For patients

Your health is very important to us. Our role at Alliance is to help hospitals and physicians across the country provide excellence in radiology, oncology and pain management care. Your primary care or treating physician will be most familiar with your health and can best consult you. As such, please connect with your provider directly on any questions concerning your potential need for diagnostic imaging as a part of your overall healthcare plan. They will refer you as needed.

For more information, please visit the CDC’s comprehensive resources, available here.

Nothing is a higher priority to us than the safety of our patients, referring providers and the community we serve. We continue to closely monitor the evolving situation with COVID-19 and will provide updates throughout our website and upon request.

Have a question?

As always, we remain committed to our patients and partners and are dedicated to responding to growing needs.

If there is anything in our power to clarify, we’d be glad to. Just send us a message.

Wishing the healthcare community well, and thank you again for all that you do.

With gratitude,

The Alliance HealthCare Services Team

Alliance Healthcare