Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Corporate Giving

Alliance and our Team Members take pride in our commitment to support charitable giving and philanthropic causes. A core Alliance value is to serve with compassion. This credo applies to not just how we treat and care for our patients on a daily basis in an exam room, but this value extends to our aspirations of improving lives through active and concentrated community involvement.

We understand at Alliance that healthcare is local and that’s why sustained community involvement is deeply rooted in our culture. Our company and Team Members continually demonstrate their generosity and support through gifts of time and financial contributions. Causes that we support are usually health focused. We combine forces through partnerships with various non-profit organizations in addition to engaging in volunteerism to lend a hand to individuals in need.

Casual for a Cause

Charitable Spotlight: Casual for a Cause

Each month, Team Members have an opportunity to select a charitable organization that they would like to personally bring recognition to. Alliance then features the charitable organization internally to draw awareness to their mission. Participating Team Members have an option each month to dress “Casual for a Cause” by contributing a company matched donation. The charities we choose to support are qualified 501(c)(3) not-for-profits and align with our strategic health and community related focus as an organization.

Growing our Reach

Alliance continues to seek partnerships with community organizations missioned towards improving population health. Our goal is to advance patient education and resources by building meaningful connections. By bringing like-minded people and organizations together, we are committed to making a difference.