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Alliance prides itself on having a “Total Rewards” philosophy, offering a competitive employee benefits and compensation package in order to attract and retain the incredible Team Members for which Alliance is known. Below is a brief snapshot of the employee benefits beyond Health and Welfare you can look forward to when you join our team.

  • Enjoy a work-life balance that allows you to be on the open road and still be home most nights.
  • Work independently while still having< a strong support team behind you.
  • Enjoy competitive pay and attractive benefits.
  • Work in a culture where everyone is committed to excellence.
  • Be part of a company where safety and professionalism are top priorities, and where you are appreciated and respected.

“This is not a trucking company; we are an imaging company with a truck driving department.”

Steve G.

22 years driving with Alliance Healthcare Services

An Incredible Team Making an Incredible Difference

Truck drivers at Alliance HealthCare Services are responsible for safely and reliably moving our mobile imaging equipment from customer site to customer site to ensure the unit arrives on-time and is ready to accept patients. Our Class A Drivers make a difference by working as an integral part of the patient-care experience and a partner to our operations and patient-facing Team Members.

Local/Regional Travel

As a truck driver at Alliance, you will travel locally to drop off, set up and break down our mobile medical imaging trailers at various sites of operation. No cargo loading and unloading is required, just a friendly, dependable, positive attitude and an appreciation for providing exceptional customer and patient services in the community.

Alliance Truck Driver Benefits:

  • No touch freight/drop-hook
  • State-of-the-art equipment and trucks
  • Full-time positions qualify for medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and 401K with company match.
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick time
  • Paid floating holidays and calendar holidays
  • Local/regional routes support a work/life balance

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Truck Driver Stories



Calvin N.

Virginia Mobile Unit

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“This job has a meaningful purpose,” says Calvin, a truck driver with Alliance Radiology. “This is not a typical driving job. Being part of a team that provides care for patients, I know that what I do makes a difference in a patient’s day.”

Calvin also explains that being a truck driver for Alliance has brought the balance to his life that other employers couldn’t offer. “It’s a dependable and flexible job. I am able to work and still have a good home time,” he says. In addition, Calvin notes that he has a great manager, and he appreciates the support the team receives from leadership.

For any driver considering Alliance, Calvin feels it is a great opportunity. “This job is different… you are delivering equipment that will make a difference.”



Darin C.

Connecticut Mobile Unit

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Darin comes from the freight hauling business, and enjoys the change of pace at Alliance HealthCare Services. “The scheduling is good for me; it allows me to do what I want to do, and the work is detailed and challenging. But it’s not overwhelming, and can be managed,” said Darin. “I like the hours. I am a 2nd/3rd shift kind of person because I like to get some activity during the day; ice hockey with the boys, or golf in the morning. The hours allow me to do that.”

Darin explained that he finds his work gratifying, and appreciates the balance that Alliance offers. “For me, the work is the right level of challenge, the right level of work/ life balance and independence,” he said. “One day a week I might have a marathon shift, but most of the time its kept quite reasonable.”



Ray C.

Connecticut Mobile Unit

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Ray is based out of Connecticut, and covers the New England areas of Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. He has been driving since he was 18, and with Alliance HealthCare Radiology for four years. Ray feels working at Alliance is wonderful, and definitely “something different.” He likes that he is able to have his own truck, and values the independence the job offers. “Most drivers have to work very long hours – 60+ hours a week – and they don’t have a truck to call their own,” said Ray. “With Alliance, I appreciate the self-sufficiency of the job.” Yet, being a truck driver for Alliance also means working in a team environment. “We have rough winters and have to manipulate the routes to get the job done,” Ray explained.

Ray noted that his enthusiasm for working at Alliance is shared by his wife. “My wife is in the healthcare field, and she is excited that I am working for a meaningful cause,” he remarked. “Mobile units have to be there to provide service for the patients – they depend on that.”

Ray also described Alliance as being a more personal work environment, where team members are not just a number. He appreciates the Team calls every week, and feels team members’ input matters. Ray added, “I know there is not a perfect job out there, but let me tell you, this comes pretty close.”



Nick L.

Pennsylvania Mobile Unit

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“This is not a truck driving job, it’s a healthcare company with a truck driving department,” remarked Nick. He said that the challenges in moving mobile medical imaging units are different than what a driver would typically experience with other companies, but because of the camaraderie and great teamwork, it is the least stressful job he has held. “It’s a great team to work with. I can call my supervisor at any time, and he will be supportive.”

Nick encourages any professional experienced driver to apply at Alliance. “They are not going to go wrong working with this company. Any driver that has had to deal with the trucking industry would really enjoy working for Alliance,” he said.



Stephen C.

Ohio Mobile Unit

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Stephen is based out of Dayton, Ohio and has been with Alliance HealthCare Services for more than seven years. One of the things Stephen said he enjoys most about driving a mobile medical imaging truck at Alliance is the people. “What makes Alliance special is everyone seems to enjoy their job. We have a lot of interactions with other team members, especially when we have a mid-day move. It’s refreshing to work with people that are happy.” With 18 years’ experience as a truck driver, Stephen can spot one of the telltale signs of a great place to work. “We don’t have a lot of turnover,” he said. “When you land a spot at Alliance, you’ll think, ‘this is it!’”

Stephen agrees that local routes mean a lot to the drivers, and that at Alliance, our drivers are an integral part of delivering exceptional care. “We’re doing more than truck driving. There are so many people counting on us to do this job properly, and there are patients waiting for test results. It makes me feel good to know I’m a part of that chain,” he remarked. And, it’s not just Stephen that thinks working at Alliance is special. “My family is really proud that I work at Alliance.”



Matt M.

Michigan Mobile Unit

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“It’s fun and exciting. I enjoy what I do, and working for this company,” says Matt, whose route covers the state of Michigan.

Because of the teamwork and great company support, Matt says driving for Alliance is not as stressful as some other jobs or companies. “There are some challenging aspects to the job, but I like that – it keeps me on my toes,” he remarks. “I like the team environment that Alliance provides. It makes it fun to come into work.”

“If anybody is interested in Alliance, it is a very professional company. They do their job well, and everyone does their part.” He adds, “Overall, everyone I work with seems happy with their job.”

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