12 Trends Observed in the Imaging Market So Far in 2019

12 Trends Observed in the Imaging Market So Far in 2019

12 Trends Observed in the Imaging Market So Far in 2019

As we roll into Q2 2019, the radiology services portion of healthcare billing is estimated to continue to contribute a large share of total medical revenue in the US, growing to $49 billion globally by 2020. In these first several months of 2019, most radiology departments have already experienced their fair share of breakthroughs and challenges. Faced with diminishing reimbursement resources and tighter competition, imaging department heads will have to capture their slice of the radiology services market by rethinking traditional models of radiology institutional growth.

We continuously monitor the evolution of the industry, and here are the top 12 Imaging Market Trends we’ve seen so far in 2019:

Reimbursement updates

  1. Physician and IDTF payments are stagnating or declining.
  2. Many hospital imaging programs are facing significant revenue hits under site-neutral payments.

Demand outlook

  1. Inpatient imaging volumes are in a years-long decline.
  2. ED volumes show strong growth, posing challenges related to capacity and appropriateness.
  3. Non-ED outpatient growth is slow but steady, especially in off-campus settings.
  4. Screening volumes are largely stagnant, though new modalities may offer opportunity.
  5. Capturing outpatient volumes requires management of payer and patient price sensitivity.

Value-based care transitions

  1. The number of organizations managing risk is steadily growing.
  2. The CDS mandate is forcing most organizations to focus on the value of imaging care.
  3. Both risk-based contracts and CDS may dampen imaging volumes – except for MRI.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

  1. AI has the potential to transform, not replace, the radiologist role in subtle and critical ways such as capacity management care prioritization.
  2. Radiologists must focus on supporting and preparing for the emergence of useable AI.

Did we miss a trend you’d like us to add to the list? Let us know!
Published: March 2019